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InfiRay CL42 model 2023 thermal clip-on with battery kit

InfiRay CL42 model 2023 thermal clip-on with battery kit



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Čas dostave:
14-20 delovnih dni
Thermal sensor
384x288 17µm
Thermal sensor NETD
25 mK
OLED 1024x768
42 mm focal length
User's Guide
Eye relief
30 mm
USB-C on the housing
Digital zoom
Clip-On mode: 1x, Seeker mode: 1x, 2x, 4x; x1,6x base magnification (1,6-6,4x)
Diopter compensation
- 5 / + 5 dpt
Other properties
digital compass, digital protractor, 4 color modes, zeroing mode, standby, stadiametric rangefinder.In seeker mode 2x and 4x magnification. 
Power supply
2 x CR123 (4 db tartozék) vagy 2 x 16650
Detection distance
Detection range: 1540 m (1.7 m x 1.2 m = 2 pixel)
1024x768 color OLED
Manufacturer's warranty
3-year general warranty for the device, 10 years for the sensor, 2 years for the battery
Image repetition frequency
50 Hz
Screen color modes
four types: black highlighted, white highlighted, red highlighted, palette
Field of view (°)
8.9°x 6.7°
Close focusing distance (m)
154 x 61 x 58 mm
Vox uncooled microbolometer with 384 x 288 resolution; pixel size: 17 μm; image refresh: 50Hz; NETD <= 25 mK
In the box
thermal clip-on, 2 sets (4 pcs) of rechargeable RCR123 batteries and a 2-bay charger, soft case
Weight (g)
Water resistance

IniRay presents its thermal camera clip-on with NETD <= 25 mK

The InfiRay Xclip CL42 Model 2023 is a multifunctional infrared thermal camera that can be used with two types of eyepieces. Extremely compact, extra light, extremely robust design. Thanks to its imaging technology - unlike night vision devices - it does not require an external light source, and its operation is not negatively affected by strong light effects.

It can also be used at night or in unfavorable conditions for observing objects covered with grass, bushes and tree branches, even in rainy, foggy and smoggy conditions. Its wide scope of use includes observation, orientation, research and rescue activities.

Its extremely strong housing was designed with the toughest conditions of use in mind. Its compact size and weight make it practical to use as a scope adapter. Our daytime scope can be converted into a thermal camera scope in an instant. It can be used not only in front-end mode, as an eyepiece can also be attached using the thread on the viewing side, so it can also function excellently as a monocular thermal camera. Eyepiece rubber is not accessory.

Knowing the sensor and display of the InfiRay thermal cameras, and the image you see, it provides a unique experience during use. In addition to the electronic compass, inclinometer and accelerometer, countless other really useful features make it a really great tool.

With a quick button, you can switch between the four color modes (Black highlight, White highlight, Red highlight and Palette). By adjusting the brightness of the display, we can make the image relaxing or strong in a wide interval, we can adjust the contrast. You can choose between automatic and manual calibration. In addition, we also have the option to adjust the orientation of the display from the menu. Its 1024x768 resolution OLED display produces an amazingly clear image both during the day and at night, thanks to the well-grip focus dial, the image is always extremely convincing. Using the menu item Correction of inactive pixels, the maintenance of the display is also solved.

The adapter has a USB-C output. It is powered by 2 CR123 batteries or a rechargeable RCR123 or 16650 battery. The set contains 2 sets (4 x RCR123) rechargeable batteries and a 2-bay charger.

Overall, it can be said that it is one of the most balanced devices on the market in terms of knowledge, performance, parameterizability and durability.

Use as a primer.

The scope adapter shown in the pictures is not included. The factory accessory is connected to the thermal camera with an eyepiece thread. The scope adapter, which is available in various sizes, can be screwed into place. If you know the outer diameter of the front lens of your scope, you can purchase the necessary adapter separately:

* its use as a ballast can be solved with a Smartclip or RUSAN adapter chosen separately for the outer diameter of the scope

You can choose from the available Smartclip adapters by clicking THIS LINK, or you can find them in Related products. The adapter is not part of the product.

You can choose from the available RUSAN adapters by clicking THIS LINK, or you can find them under Related products. The adapter is not part of the product.

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