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Infiray Dual DP19 thermal camera

Infiray Dual DP19 thermal camera



1.936,40 2.038,32€
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Nakup na obroke z
6 x 345,52€
12 x 176,31€
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Čas dostave:
14-20 delovnih dni
Thermal sensor
256x192 12μm
1920x1080 AMOLED; green
Thermal: 19 mm; Visible light: 24 mm
Horizontal field of view (°)
9 / 7
User's Guide
Data storage
16 GB built-in memory
Base magnification (x)
IR: 2; Day Channel: 6
magnesium alloy
Eye relief
25 mm
Other properties
Photo and video recording
Power supply
3600 mAh
Detection distance
980 m (Human)
Manufacturer's warranty
3-year general warranty for the device, 10 years for the sensor, 2 years for the battery
Thermal camera type
Image repetition frequency
50 Hz
Exit pupil
4 mm
Field of view (°)
IR: 9° x 6.7°; Visible light: 7°
135 x 46 x 93 mm
Working / storage temperature
-20℃- +55℃ / -
VOX uncooled; 256x192, 12µm pixel size
In the box
thermal camera, case, wrist strap, data cable, power adapter, scope cleaning cloth, user manual
Rangemaster options
1500 m (±1); measurement angle: ±60 (±1); wavelength: 905nm
Weight (g)
Water resistance

Three in One

The optical fusion technology is adopted to realize the fusion of daylight, laser and infrared in one handheld laser rangefinder. Functions of visible-light monocular telescopes, laser rangefinders, and thermal telescopes are all available, reducing the types and weight of equipment carried by users when they travel.

Multiple modes

With rangefinding mode, pure infrared mode, target highlighting mode, and outline mode, the product can quickly switch among various modes. Rangefinding can be carried out in each mode, or even at night. The target highlighting mode can highlight the high-temperature target in the background when the color of the target is similar to that of the background so that the user can find the hidden target.

Powerful rangefinding performance

A laser rangefinder is integrated in the telescope and a single optical path is designed for both laser receiving and daylight passing, greatly reducing the overall size and weight. Meanwhile, it features multiple rangefinding functions such as single ranging and continuous ranging, and supports angle display during ranging. The ranging range is 820m for deer, 1371m for buildings and 1828m for targets with high reflectivity, the distance measuring accuracy is ±1m, the measurable angle is ±60°, and the angle measuring accuracy is ±1°. In addition, there are up to 9 laser reticle styles and 2 laser reticle colors.

Outstanding optical performance

It has excellent 6× magnification and 7° FOV in daylight. Eyepiece eye relief is up to 4mm, enabling users to quickly search for targets and track moving targets in real time. A brand new optical fusion design and coating technology are adopted to achieve high definition and color reduction, which is close to the naked eye condition to the greatest extent and comfortable for long-term use.

Magnesium alloy shell

With metallic texture, the shell made of magnesium alloy is solid and durable and lowers the overall weight.

Ergonomic design

A shape that is comfortable to hold is designed based on ergonomics, and the button layout is reasonable enough for one-hand operation. Thus, the operation has been greatly facilitated. The part for holding is made of silicon material with a frosted texture, which can increase the friction against the hand under severe conditions such as cold or rainy days, and make the telescope more comfortable to hold.

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