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InfiRay Rico RS75 thermal riflescope with laser rangefinder

InfiRay Rico RS75 thermal riflescope with laser rangefinder



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Thermal sensor
1280x1024 12μm
Thermal sensor NETD
25 mK
2560x2560 pixel OLED
Magnification interval (x)
2 – 24
75 mm of focal length
User's Guide
Data storage
32 GB built-in memory
Base magnification (x)
Riflescope magnification
2 - 24x
Digital zoom
2x, 3x, 4x, 8x, 12x
Diopter compensation
-3 - +3 dpt
Power supply
rechargeable battery 3.7 V, 4400 mAh
Detection distance
human figure (1.7 x 0.5 m): 3896 m
Manufacturer's warranty
3-year general warranty for the device, 10 years for the sensor, 2 years for the battery
Image repetition frequency
50 Hz
Shock resistance
1000 G
319 x 100 x 85 mm
1280x1024 pixels, 12 µm pixel size; NETD: <= 25 mK
Weight (g)
Operating time
up to 6 hrs
Water resistance

Meet the Rico RS75 thermal imaging scope with 1280x1024 pixel sensor!

The Rico thermal imaging scope series is a true multi-functional, expandable product family. The scope has a built-in battery and is equipped with a laser rangefinder. Its ergonomic design and excellent image quality make it an extremely effective companion, especially during night observations, even in rainy and foggy weather. The advanced image correction provided by the device and the improved image optimization system guarantee a novel image experience in the category.

Unique image quality

Now for some amazing data…

The Rico series has a completely independently developed, high-performance infrared VOx sensor, which provides exceptionally vivid, informative images. The built-in !!! 1280x1024 pixel sensor !!! and the imaging processor combine to reveal a truly impressive, glitch-free, dynamic image world to the user, which guarantees a professional and at the same time experience-filled observation. Contrast adjustment is automatic, and the scope helps to find the target faster by strengthening the image hierarchy. The 2560x2560 pixel LED display currently guarantees the best quality and contrast available - even in unusually cold weather.

The built-in PIP (picture-in-picture) function can be used to further enhance the closer observation of the details even when aiming at a high magnification level, while the user can keep an eye on the original area for better orientation in the rest of the screen. The built-in 4 color modes provide convincing information in the most diverse life situations and viewing conditions.

12 μm sensor

Rico's 75mm focal length lens and small 12µm high-end 1280 x 1024 pixel sensor can detect a human figure from up to 3896m away. - We are talking about unprecedented performance.

The Rico has an excellent zoom range, motion sensor, digital compass, WiFi image sharing and 128 GB internal memory provide a huge capacity for photo or video recording purposes.


Compact size, high resistance

Reasonable housing design, compact design and easy-to-manage weight are all the basis for more comfortable use. During use, up to 6 hours of operating time is available. The scopes of the Rico series thermal imaging cameras demonstrate exceptional shot resistance up to 1000 G. The device has a USB-C socket.

Ultra clean mode

With the help of the "Ultraclear" mode available from the menu system, the scope can be used in unfavorable visibility conditions, such as helps orientation during dense fog or rain by increasing sensitivity and highlighting the smallest details.

Increased detection distance

The excellent optics and the professional thermal sensor guarantee a thermal sensitivity (NETD) of less than 25 mK, which is one of the best values available with current technology, and is far ahead of the thermal images of recent years in terms of detail. With the RL42, an approx. A 1.8-meter-high heat emitter can be detected from more than 3,800 meters away.

Replaceable battery pack

Rico has a built-in battery with a capacity of 4400 mAh, which can be used for up to 6 hours under ideal conditions of use.

Built-in image and video recording

During monitoring, Rico may take recordings. Recorded data can be easily shared using the built-in WiFi. Thanks to the easy-to-use function and large built-in memory, special moments can be shared with colleagues, friends or family members.

Built-in accelerometer and digital compass

The combination of accelerometer and digital compass increases accuracy. The display shows exactly the direction of the shot and the possible cocked state of the weapon.

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