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PARD NV007SP 940 night vision clip-on smart kit with extra battery kit + 32 GB microSD

PARD NV007SP 940 night vision clip-on smart kit with extra battery kit + 32 GB microSD



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Čas dostave:
2-3 delovnih dni
1024x768 Sony OLED
Magnification interval (x)
2 – 7
16 mm focal length
User's Guide
Data storage
micro SD accepts cards up to 128 GB
Base magnification (x)
AL6061 aluminum and plastic, glass lens
Built-in IR
5 W
IR illuminator
940 nm
Eye relief
25 mm
Digital zoom
1x - 3.5x
Diopter compensation
+/- 5 dpt
Other properties
For variable scope! The parallax adjustment is recommended above 100-120 meters.
Power supply
1x18650 (accessory)
Detection distance
Up to 350 m infra distance.
Photo: 2592x1944 .jpg; Video: 1920x1080 FullHD 30 fps .mp4
Manufacturer's warranty
2 years manufacturer's warranty
Screen color modes
colorful at daytime, black and white at night
Close focusing distance (m)
Shock resistance
6000 J
97x106x47 mm
Working / storage temperature
-25 - +40°C
Parallax adjustment
Recommended on the riflesscope.
In the box
NV007SP 850 clip-on, clamping adapter (45 mm diameter inside) - other sizes as option, USB-micro-USB cable, 1 pc of 18650 Pard battery
Picture resolution
Video resolution
Weight (g)
Water resistance

Contents of the package:

  • Pard NV007SP 940nm night vision
  • 45 mm adapter (accessory with spacers ensures attachment for eyepiece diameters of 42.6 - 45 mm, for other diameters, search among our additional products!)
  • 2 x 18650 batteries Battery Charger Integral
  • micro SD 32 GB card

The new NV007SP

The most user-friendly version of the NV007 series has arrived. With the new SP version, the shortest possible structure and the barrier-free installation on guns with a rear locking piston are solved at the same time.

The device comes with the old, well thought out components:

The included 45 mm clamp can be used with the included spacer rings between 42.6 and 45 mm scope eyepiece diameters. For diameters other than this, search among our additional offers!

After the highly successful market presence of the Pard NV007 series, the most thoughtful successor has now arrived, the NV007SP. The more practical, more massive device housing is still made with two types of spotlights. The slightly visible spotlight of the 940 nanometer version has a longer detection distance. The digital night vision attachment can still be mounted on the scope's eyepiece. The included 45 mm inner diameter clamping bracket can be easily attached to almost any* variabel scope that does not have a conical design. Contact us to inquire about its use on fixed scopes!

* The NV007SP version is the designation of the abbreviated device housing. The manufacturer achieved this by placing the battery with the set arrangement on the left side of the device, so the viewing distance is significantly better compared to the V version. There is no longer a problem here for guns with rear locking pistons either.

In addition to its simple handling, its image quality is the biggest surprise. Both its daytime colors and sharpness, as well as its nighttime performance are very convincing. The latest sensor's resolution of 2560x1440 pixels (significantly higher than Full HD) is a great step forward. The magnification of the 16 mm lens base is approx. 2 times. For this reason, e.g. on a scope with a magnification of 3, it provides a 6x magnification by default. The device can digitally increase this optical magnification up to 3.5 times (that is, 7 times magnification) without a noticeable deterioration in image quality.

Diopter adjustment and manual focus help you to focus the image you see perfectly. Exposure and brightness adjustment options are also available in poor visibility conditions.

The micro SD card slot accepts data media up to 128 GB, on which we can easily record images with a resolution of 2592x1944 pixels (5 MP) and Full HD (1920x1080 pixels) with a quality of 30 frames per second.avi extension videos. Depending on the setting, it also records sound, and it can also be set that a shot activates the video recording. In this case, the numbers speak for themselves. The quality of the image you see really says a lot. The internal large-sized OLED display with its high resolution of 1024x768 pixels at basic magnification almost rivals optical lenses in daytime mode. The user can choose between color and black-and-white settings.

The device, which weighs only 250 g, does not affect the weight distribution of the scope, but it greatly increases its knowledge and usability. With the help of the 940 nm spotlight, a detection distance of up to 200 m is possible in perfect darkness. The strength of the built-in infrared can be adjusted in three levels.

On the user-friendly interface, the most necessary functions can be accessed at the press of a button, so even nighttime use does not cause headaches. Its practical feature is that instead of standby mode, with a short press of the power button, the brightness of the display is approx. It drops to 10%, which spares the included 18650 battery, but guarantees immediate basic orientation when the topping is brought to the eye. It can even be charged from a Powerbank through the external connector. Under the rubber cover, a micro HDMI connector also expands the range of functions. The manufacturer was also able to improve water resistance by redesigning the housing, while the device housing also has a rail so that it can be equipped with other accessories.

The night vision is powered by an 18650 battery, which can provide up to 8 hours of operating time with a full charge.

The following link and the videos available there can help you choose a quick-release Rusan adapter:

Rusan adapter selector

*Between 42 and 45 mm eyepiece diameter (to be measured with a caliper!)

Simpler adapters can be found among the related products, depending on the diameter of the viewing side of the scope.

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